Modem Mayhem

I was playing in Basic one day, and wrote a very simple program which looked like I had hacked into a computer system. I called up one of my friends to come and have a look, and he was really excited that I had managed to “hack into the Wanganui Computer System (see below)” well. that’s what I had told him. Of course, what he didn’t know, was that I had questioned his girlfriend beforehand, and had obtained his personal information.

My program was set up so that I could call up “information” on people. I showed my friend my information. He took the lead and asked me to bring up his information, which I did. I laughed as I changed his personal details, so that he was a 99 year old female. My friend was starting to get a little bit nervous by now, and asked me to change it back. Little did he know that I had programmed the computer to crash at this point.

His face was priceless when I explained that I could not dial back in because the system had crashed. I tried “dialing in” again to no avail. By this time my friend was starting to panic, so I tried to calm him by saying that we would try getting in again the next day.

My friend didn’t get any sleep that night, and I decided to call the joke quits and admit to it all being a joke. I could have carried it on though, and had people calling looking for the “hacker” etc.

(For those that don’t know, the Wanganui computer system, is New Zealand’s central computer system, that stores information on people).