Remote Control

We have a remote control from an old video player that can learn the commands from other remote controls. For one reason or another I took it along to a party.

We were sitting outside eating, drinking, and generally having a good time, when I decided to check out the music that was playing on the stereo. While I was inside the house, I happened to chance upon the remote control for the stereo. It took less than 30 seconds to learn the commands from the remote control.

After sitting back down outside trying to look inconspicuous for a few minutes, I made the CD player skip a few tracks. I watched the owner of the stereo, who glanced over at his stereo. Another minute later I skipped another couple of tracks, and watched the owner of the stereo get up, and change CD’s.

I let the new CD play for a while, before stopping it. The owner got up and just before he got to the stereo, I played again. He turned around and sat back down. After playing around a few more times, the owner turned off the stereo, to the disappointment of everyone at the party. Not to despair, I had recorded the power switch as well. So just as the owner of the stereo was sitting down, I turned on the stereo, playing some pumping music. The owner jumped up, I admitted everything, and the party rocked on.