The Birthday Present

This one was done for a mates 30th birthday recently.

I went to the supermarket to find some “ammunition”. What I found was a personal attack alarm, that goes off at 100 decibels. Perfect! (Quell Personal Panic Alarm – $7.99 for those who may be interested!).

After testing the alarm, I knew I had a winner. The sound was extremely loud and annoying. Also the alarm was triggered by pulling a pin from the top of the alarm. Very similar to a hand grenade.

I found a small gift box, and taped the alarm securely to the inside of the box, leaving the pin free. I then tied some string to the pin, and run it out a hole in the bottom of the box. I taped up the box lid, and put ribbon around it.

Early in the morning, I deploy the “Gift” on the targets (Hi Rod!) front doorstep, and secured the other end of the string to some plants in the garden. The idea being that when the gift was found on the doorstep, it would be picked up, the pin would be dislodged, the alarm would go off, and all hell would break loose. Needless to say, that’s exactly what happened. The target (Hi Rod!) took a while to get the box open, with the alarm going off in the meantime.

We did have other ideas for the alarm as well. We were just going to drive by the house, pull the pin out, and lob the alarm on to the front lawn. The roof at 3:00am would have been extremely fun for the entire neighbourhood. And imagine what damage a whole heap of these alarms would do!