Email from Jo

Email from Jo

I once created an email address on a free email service for the fictional “Joanne King”.  I sent an email to the target from Joanne, saying that it was lovely to have met a few weeks back, and asked if the target could send the sales data that the target had allegedly promised. 

Of course the target knew nothing about it, and because the email was from a free email server, there was nothing in the email that mentioned which of our 50 clients Joanne worked for.

Unfortunately for the target, when they replied to the email, they said something along the lines of “Yes, it was a pleasure to meet you too.  I will have the data to you as soon as possible.”

The target was running around the office if anyone knew who Joanne King was, or which client she worked for.

After a while, the target hadn’t responded to the email, so I sent a reminder, asking for the data again.  I again signed the email Joanne King.

The target replied and said that it should be received shortly, and I could hardly contain myself as the target went from office to office asking everyone again who Joanne King was.

After receiving no email response back from the target, I decided to let the target off the hook by sending her another email along the lines of:

“Don’t worry about the data.  I no longer have a need for it.  But please stand up from your desk and say my name out loudly ten times.


Jo King”

All I could hear was “Jo… King… Jo… King… joking… joking!!!  Omg, who did that!”